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Layette Baby

Tips for New Moms (and Dads) One piece for babies: This is one of the most versatile pieces of a baby's wardrobe. After the birth, we use it during the day and night. When they grow up, a little more, its has more usability on the nights they're great as pajamas. My favorite model is… Continue reading Layette Baby


Handmade Pet Bed

Who owns a pet knows the importance of offering a reserved place for them. Beds can create an excellent feeling for your little friend and be part of the decoration. Its offer the feeling of safety and comfort and will be the dog's and cat's favorite place throughout the house. For older or needier pet,… Continue reading Handmade Pet Bed

Products, Tips

Personalized MDF`s boxes

Personalize MDF’s boxes, is one of the most common activities for craft works. Because they are very functional and good to guard diverse kinds of things, such as costume jewelry, make-up, toiletries, and kitchenware. The MDF’s boxes became excellent souvenirs for baby showers, birthday parties and unique gifts for godfathers and godmothers. Furthermore, they are… Continue reading Personalized MDF`s boxes